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Catch Of The Day!

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

I am going to be explaining the painting process for this piece in step-by-step with photos.


I painted the background with all the blue and sea greens. I sprayed alcohol all over the canvas to get the misty watery texture. I painted white at the top to make it feel like bubbly. I painted this deep blue color to add some depth.

Start to middle:

I let it dry and added some white at the top to make some sun rays peek through. I threw it some green and lime green highlights to help give off some light rays. I added layers of blues, greens, and sea green. I added light and dark hues to get some variations of colors. For example, I added black at the bottom going to dark blue.

Middle to middle:

I followed the flow of my muse and got some different thick layers of blues and greens. I went back in with white. Using the layering method I got some nice thick layers built up. People always assume that when you are painting that your paint has to be flat. I started to get the structure of the fish and I started working in those layers of whites, tans, browns, yellows, reds or pinks, and black.

Middle to end:

On the last layer I started layering reds, browns, oranges, yellows, and etc. I've been working in dots and lines I have been working on the details and finishing touches.

I think it's important to note that you can always paint until you like it. The paint doesn't have to be flat and you can work on it a long as you like!

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