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Miss Lady Liberty

I am painting Lady Liberty. This is the biggest painting I have ever created. I find Lady Liberty inspiring because she stands welcoming people into New York Harbor on Liberty Island. She is symbolic of freedom, liberation, and friendship. The statue honors the friendship between France and the USA. Lady Liberty was a gift from France during time of war and hardship. Lady Liberty is modeled after a Roman goddess named Libertas. Libertas is the Roman female personification of freedom from tyranny and oppression. This painting also embodies my love for New York. I haven't been there before, but I think I would love it there. I'm sure everyone's right. I'm sure it is loud and unsanitary and that the people are crazy. I want to go there to experience my life in a new way. I feel that once I get there I will probably be miserable, but I will have live my life with new eyes. I want to look at art, taste the food, feel connected to the community, meeting new people, and explore the city.

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